• Country Homestay - in construction
  • Town House at Chawan Road
  • Service Apartment 1 - Living Room
  • Service Apartment 1 - Bedroom 1
  • Service Apartment 1 - Bedroom 2
  • Service Apartment 2 - Living Room
  • Service Apartment 2 - Bedroom 1
  • Service Apartment 2 - Bedroom 2
  • Service Apartment 2 - Loft
  • Townhouse - Area in front of main door
  • Townhouse - Living Room
  • Townhouse - Huge carporch


There are two units of service apartment. Both of the units are located at 3rd Mile in the city of Kuching which is close to Kuching International Airport. It only takes about 10 minutes drive to the airport. 

The service apartments has modern designs that includes personal touch by the owner for comfort, luxurious, clean and cosy stay. The apartments are great for local/foreign traveller/tourist  who travel in groups. Each apartments has two bedrooms can accommodate up to 4 persons. Furthermore, one of the units has a loft where 4-6 persons can sleep.

The apartments are great value-for-money for those who want a short stay or even for those who want a longer stay in Kuching. These are available for daily, weekly or even monthly stay at your convenience.

There are other amenities in these apartments like living room, dining tables, chairs, kitchen, and water heater.

Photos of Service Apartment 1




Photos of Service Apartment 2